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Added Collaborators


Collaborators have now been released, allowing you to invite your colleagues to your monitoring.

Check Current Route and URL

Check Current Route and URL

Building navigations we need to highlight the active item. Checking for the current route and URL can be done in Laravel in a few different ways.

How to Access ENV Variables in JavaScript and Sass

How to Access ENV Variable in JavaScript and Sass

Recently we faced an issue with our CDN and environments, we needed both our online staging and production assets to be stored to their respective CDN paths. In order to this, we had to figure out how to access ENV variables in JavaScript and Sass files by passing them through Laravel Mix.

Laravel: Unique Validation with Another Column

You are building a SaaS and each customer can add users, but users can only be added once, hence we want unique emails. However, the email must not be unique for all customers therefore we have to make this rule: For each unique customer id, all emails must be unique.

Introduction to secured client-server API

Preface In modern software architecture it’s often necessary to communicate between applications a common way to do this is by using an API. APIs (Application Programming Interface) are interfaces optimised for applications rather than humans as their purpose is to transfer data from either backend to frontend, for example PHP to JavaScript or from one Introduction to secured client-server API

Fast webhook testing


Ever wanted to test a webhook or some other kind of broadcast event from your app? Yesterday I discovered webhook.site which generates a unique URL for you and lets you call that so you can see the calls in their interface and even heads and such. The service doesn’t require any registration and the basic Fast webhook testing

Fix the strange characters for (PHP) Artisan

I have lately been facing an issue where my artisan outputs a lot of strange characters such as ?[32m. It seems to be an issue with the latest Laravel. Until now I have managed to read around it, but it still annoyed me. Finally today I found the solution in this thread: https://laracasts.com/discuss/channels/laravel/php-artisan-not-working-4?page=1#reply=543852 Solution As Fix the strange characters for (PHP) Artisan

Backup MySQL to DigitalOcean

I have authored an article on how to create a dead simple backup approach for you project. My approach is for Laravel, but it could easily work for WordPress as well or any other MySQL database for that instance as it only relies on MySQL and Linux commands. For this post I will share my Backup MySQL to DigitalOcean

What is Multitenancy Software

Multitenancy is a software architecture where different clients can sign-up to the same installation of your software, but have separated their data. I have listed from a simple authorisation concept towards multitenancy, hoping that will clarify what it is. Concept A A basic application has 1 login for all members who needs to access member What is Multitenancy Software

Introduction to Vuex

This a short introduction to Vuex a State Management tool for Vue.js. To understand all it’s complexities I would recommend you to read the documentations, this article is intended as an introduction only. What is the use of Vuex Let me first quote the official documentation, for it describe Vuex precisely, although a bit technically: Introduction to Vuex

5 Reasons To Choose Laravel

1 Up and running fast Laravel was build to get you up and running fast with a website with all the tools needed built in. It even comes with a boilerplate page so you literally have a website in a few seconds, although a little more time is needed to implement your necessary business logic 5 Reasons To Choose Laravel

Laravel Middleware: An Introduction

In computer science a middleware is, as the name suggest, a piece of software in the middle: Middleware is computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middleware But Laravel isn’t an operating system, so what does this mean in Laravel? The term middleware is used here because Laravel Middleware: An Introduction