Laravel Roles

Empower your application with painless easy to use roles and permissions.

Built on top of Laravels own logic

Unlike other access libraries we have chosen to keep Laravels own terminology calling a permission a Gate and help you group those within Roles.

Painless creation of gates

Use built-in Artisan commands or the out-of-box dashboard to quickly create new Gates, Roles and connect them. Everything is stored in the database and stored in a database seeder to keep you production in sync.

Code less do more

We predict most common setups for you in order to avoid trivial code that could lead to more errors. Of course everything can be overriden to your needs.

High performance cache

Out of the box caching to ensure your site won’t be slowed down when loading roles. Cache will only be enabled for production as per default, but it’s up to you if you like to customise it.


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