Simplify your Laravel Maintenance

In deep tracking on your applications performances.



CloudMonitor is dedicated to provide developers with insights and tools that make monitoring your applications simple and easy.


Install Toolkit

Install our toolkit in 1-line from Composer. Configuration is optional.


Gather insights

Our toolkit report any relevant data to our dashboard, so you can investigate your application.


Fix errors upfront

Get notifications when something occur so you can take action before your client reports it.

Up and Running

CloudMonitor can have you up and running in no time with only a few commands. Running Spatie Backup? You don’t need to configure more, we already log the events for you.

Easy Setup
End to end encryption
High productivity

Powerful features, easy to use

CloudMonitor aims to provide all the tools you need, to make you feel comfortable that your application is always working, while never complicate the task of monitoring.

Exceptions and Errors

Log all uncaught exceptions and errors in real time and get notified the moment they happen.


Make sure your backups are running when supposed to and always stay healthy.

Background Tasks

Know when a task didn’t run or when it run but resulted in an unexpected error.


Get notified if your domain or site is broken or the certificate isn’t validating.

Try it out – it’s free

We made it free, so you can improve your products already from an early development stage.


Get In Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question we didn’t answer? Feel free to contact us.

Can I delete my data again?

Of course! We believe 100% in GDPR. Just send us an inquiry.

How much does it cost?

For now we aim to deliver you the best error tracing tool for Laravel for free. However, if you like the software, you are welcome to donate.

Where are data stored?

We are an European company and all our infrastructure is within the EU region. Nothing such as backups are kept outside.

I have an idea for your product

Perfect! Let us know, we are very appreciative for your feedback.